Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pre-Packaged at It's Best

Well, like anything I get obsessed with (um, homesteading, poultry, preparedness, vintage campers, books, TEOTWAWKI, blogs, thrifting...) I have to tell you about one thing I did notice between the hardcore shoppers and my own experience. It has to do with these bars called Soyjoy.

See, everyone is buying a box of 6 SoyJoy Bars from CVS because you get back $6 in ECB (I can't remember offhand what that stands for; I call them virtual bucks). My own SoyJoy experience came at Krogers. They have these same bars on sale for 10/$7 (or $0.70/each). I had a coupon for -$2 when you buy 10 single bars. So, if you are following this brings my total to 10/$5. I also had a coupon buy 3 get one free (or -$0.70. My total is now 10 bars for $4.30 (.43 each). I tried one when I got home and they are really good. Now I wish I had gone to CVS for a box! I normally don't buy things like this (and never would have bought them at full price), but I can take them to work for a healthier snack.

OK, I will be over this soon and on to my next great thing (ha!)

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