Saturday, January 2, 2010

Note: Cross-posted from private blog (originally posted 01/01/10)

Remember when I said I had plans to use the food storage and needed to challenge myself and several of you said you felt the same way????

Well, we are apparently not alone! Here is a challenge (self-directed kind thankfully) here that addresses this exact issue!

I plan to participate!

For our New Year's meal I made a version of Hoppin' John only I used my stored Yellow Eyed Beans (I actually do not have any black eyes peas in the stores!), the last of the jalapenos, some of the left over ham from last weekend and my canned tomatoes. Turned out quite good! I had planned on making cornbread to go along with it, but that just didn't happen.

Sadly, only Lyndon and I ate any of it. The eldest child and his dad ate left over pizza the latter dragged home last night.

So, here are my specific EFTPC goals:

1. Spend $20 or less a week for dairy (milk and cheese if needed) and other fresh things.*

2. Do this challenge a chunk at a time (starting this Monday, Jan 4-Feb) and not to worry about my trip away during March 9I'll pack some things and hope I get a hotel room with kitchenette or at least a microwave).

3. Inventory! I need to know what I have on hand so I can...

4. Try to menu plan (why o why does this challenge me so-I am such a spontaneous cook!)

5. Blog about my concoctions/challenge

6. All savings will be sent to debt snowball.

*Only exception will be tomorrow when I shop at the bilk store's annual inventory discount day up in Amishville. This is why I am not 'officially' starting until Monday.

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