Friday, January 29, 2010

Back to (Pantry) Duty

I am back from business trip. Interesting, exhausting...and, thanks to the Colts, everything in Indy is now expensive; I even had to pay for internet if I wanted it at the hotel (um, no...)

Sr also returns home tomorrow from his, so hopefully, before I leave on the 20th, we continue eating down this pantry. I have a whole turkey out thawing to cook and can (and this gave me more room in the freezer). I also have the last of our boilers in the crockpot. I will shred the meat and freeze it for quick meals like pizza, white chili or chicken noodle soup. I let these guys get big, so the removal showed quite an open space in the deep freeze.

Tonight we are having pizza made with the last box of gluten-free crust mix I bought on clearance at least a year ago. The boys are excited. I will open some fruit for a side dish/dessert.

I doubt I am going to make enough progress to clean out this stuff before I leave, but if I can at least get the little deep freeze cleaned out, I'll clean it and make some "freezer meals" to help Sr feed the boys while I am gone. I cannot believe I will be leaving in 22 days.

So, I will continue this challenge until the end of the month.


Budgets are the New Black said...

I find this fascinating how much you have on stock. Amazing, really. You could survive an apocalypse! We have moved so much, have never owned a deep freeze, and I don't even know how to can. Sort of the opposite spectrum, really;)

hickchick said...

Gina--sorry i thought you were GONE from the blog world! I didn't realize you were still posting at dilly bean. Good to 'hear' your voice!

Leigh said...

Here you are, trying to eat down your food storage while I'm trying to build mine up again. *LOL. Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment. Good luck with your horseradish!