Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Picking along

So, I actually played my first song. I think. It's called "Ida Red" and is a simple ditty to teach the A and E strings. I squealed it out of my violin...kind of...

I took my fiddle to work to show my co-worker who has been teaching himself mandolin for a few months. He brought in a tuner and I was trying to tune the A string and it snapped! This put me out of commission until I can get to the city and buy some more strings. Lesson learned: Keep extra strings on hand.

Anyway, I have been listening to the CD that accompanies the lesson book and it is helping me with the rhythm which, to me, seems to be my major stumbling block when it comes to music.

Years ago, I dated a singer of a rock-a-billy band. He was fun, but whenever we would dance I could not get the rhythm down. He would say, 'You're awfully cute, but you can't dance at all..." I think it was the rhythm that got in my way. Or maybe it was the alcohol (oh, the single days!)

He was right of course, I am awfully cute! :) (Just kidding...!!!!!)

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